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We are a local Long Island real estate office right in Melville, NY.  You deal directly with us.  There is no third party.  You can always reach us on the phone or by email.  Securely purchase one of our plans based on the time frame you need to sell your house.  Don’t settle for a cheaper service that claims to give you the same thing.  Many, if not all cheaper services are out of state brokers who try to get someone local to list your property.  Don’t do it!  We hear nightmare stories all the time.  We are local real people with the same goal as you… to sell your house.  Get your home listed today with a flat fee MLS listing!  (If you just want to pay one time for a 3, 6 or 12 month flat fee listing instead of month to month, then click here for our legacy plans.)

  • Please enter your billing information in the fields below. If the address of the house you are selling is different than your billing address, you will be able to enter the selling address on the listing paperwork. So please provide your real billing address here so your credit card is not declined.
    After purchase, you will be taken to a page where you can download the listing paperwork with instructions on how to send everything to us.
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