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House closed today! Thank you so much for all your help. We have another rental house that we will be selling later this year…..so I will again be purchasing the same type package from you.
Thanks again!

Dorothy P.

This was a great experience for selling and I would be happy to write a testimonial for you.

Mike N.

I have been a subscriber to Matt Hart’s flat fee realty service for six months and successfully sold my house during that time. Matt posted my home on MLS for a tiny fraction of the cost of a listing agent, yet provided excellent, skilled advisement and was reachable at all times. This service allows you to sell the house by owner without any broker fees or offer a commission to an MLS buyer’s agent, at half the usual cost. The exposure for your home is the same as any listing broker can provide. Having control over the entire selling process to vet buyers was a real bonus. I highly recommend WPI Sea to Sky Realty and will use it again in the future.

Felice M.

I have been using Matt’s flat fee service since he started it many years ago.  I manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinets and whenever I get a good deal on a house to flip, I call Matt to list it. We sell it every time.

Bill C.

Thanks so much for creating this flat fee listing program. It saved my husband and I a ton of money when we sold our house. We didn’t get an Newsday paper advertising but I guess that is expected because of the such low price, but with the internet, we got enough exposure that we sold without it.

Christine M.

I have listed a number of houses with Matt, & he consistently provides top notch service for an unbeatable price.  I highly recommend him.

Peter L.

Matthew Hart was a pleasure to work with. He walks the home seller through the paperwork process and answers all concerns very promptly. Would recommend using to anybody looking to sell!

Loraine K.

Hi Matthew, we had great success selling our house in West Islip thru your flat fee site and we just bought another 6 month plan to list an investment property we want to sell in West Babylon, we hope this one goes as fast as the West Islip house!

Dorothy P.

Here is how I sold my house. 1) I paid for for an independent appraisal. 2) I listed the house on MLS using Matt’s flat fee service at the appraised price. 3) I setup a lock box so buyers agents could show the house. 4) I negotiated directly with the buyers agents and had the house in contract within six weeks of listing. Matt is very responsive and helpful, incredible value for such a low price.

Maurice F.

We moved to North Carolina and we got Matt from a referral from someone who used him before so we knew we could trust him with our home since we wouldn’t be around.  We started out as flat fee fsbo but we needed Matt to do more work and showings due to the fact that we left NY.  We bumped up to a partial full service listing and everything worked out great.  Thanks!

Michael D.

Our house was on a main road and many agents kept telling us to keep lowering the price. So when we decided to sell ourselves, we found the flat fee service that would let us list our home and still be on the MLS of Long Island. Well, we sold our house and the service was great!

Larry V.

Its been a pleasure working with you. You go above and beyond for the very modest fee you charge. I’ll recommend you to all appropriate people who could benefit from your service.

Jeff N.

Please remove our house from the listings. We are in contract and will be closing in a few weeks. We sold with no Realtor involved! Saved us a lot! Thanks!

Debbie R.

I wanted to let you know that we closed on our house on June 28th. The new folks are in already. I wanted to thank you for everything you have done! Have A Fantastic Day!

Donna L.

Just listed my house using Matt’s flat fee MLS service. I was very hesitant to attempt selling w/o a traditional broker. I did a lot of research into FSBOs and gave it a shot. We listed the house on Friday and received a full list price offer on Sat! So although we aren’t sold yet, I can say that this service is the way to go!! Still have to pay the buyer’s agent her 2% but at least I just saved the other 2% ($10K). I can tell you that Matt and his flat fee service are legit. Matt answered every question I had thoroughly (and I had a few), he responds almost immediately to emails and his service was as professional as it gets. I’ve already referred him to a neighbor and a friend.

Jason V.

I was a bit skeptical that this was not a real listing and that it would not work, but for the price, I was willing to give it a try.  We got all the paperwork, filled it out and sent our pictures.  We were on the MLS the next day. We had lots of showings and finally sold our house.  And we saved a ton of money.  I would recommend this to anyone looking to sell on their own.

Paul M.

We compared a lot of the flat fee companies but Matt gave the most for the money and he was local which we liked.  I have heard bad stories that you can’t reach the agents of out of state fsbo companies who do these type of listings and buyers and their agents have difficultly access the houses.  So Matt was a great help and always available.  Thank you so much!

Lisa C.

First and foremost thank you for your lightning fast service!  I was impressed to see the ad, and sign up in less then 24 hours from our purchase.  I really appreciate your efforts.

Ken L.