Frequently Asked Questions

Is this too good to be true?

No! This a full MLS Listing. It’s the same kind of listing you would get from any other real estate company.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. Just call us and we will take your home off the MLS.

Are you my Listing Agent?

Yes, I am your listing agent. Even though you think you are selling your home yourself through this service and have no agent, I am still your listing agent. You hired me to list your home on the MLS for a really low flat fee. Any commission you set on the contract does not go to me, it goes to an agent that sells your property who is called the “selling agent”.

How long will my home be on the MLS?

With our Monthly Plan, your home will be listed on the MLS for as long as you need it to as long as your credit card is active. If you stop paying, then your house will be taken off the MLS. With our 3, 6 or 12 Month Plan, your home will be listed on the MLS for either 3 or 6 months or 1 year depending on the plan you choose.

Can I change the commission during the listing period?

Yes. Commissions are negotiable. But if an agent showed your home to a buyer at one commission rate, you cannot change it on them if the are making an offer for their buyer.

Do I have to use your signs?

No. You may use your own FSBO signs if you like.

What if I want to do an open house or make a price change?

Call us, email us, or text us so we can make the change on the MLS for Buyers and Agents to see.

How will real estate agents contact me?

Your phone number will be listed at the bottom of the listing page that agents see. They will be instructed to call the owner at the number you provide to schedule an appointment. Your contact info can not be listed publicly.  It is against the MLS terms of service to have a homeowners number listed publicly.

How will buyers contact me?

Buyers will call you from our automated phone system. When they call our office telephone, they will hear a message that says if you are calling about one of our listings, please press 8 for more information. Then they are asked to enter the first few letters of the street name and when the system finds the address they are looking for, their phone call is then forwarded to your contact number of choice.

If a buyer does not use the automated phone system, then when we receive a phone call or an email from a buyer who is not working with a real estate agent, we will then forward that buyers contact details to you so you can call or email that buyer back and set up an appointment for that buyer to see your home.

What Happens to my Zillow Listing? (99% of sellers are fine with this but for the 1%, read below)

A lot of you will have a Zillow listing already. I have an automated MLS Zillow feed that automatically creates or takes over a Zillow listing. If I take over your listing, you will never get full control of it back. You can claim co-ownership though and have some editing capability. If this a problem, then don’t buy my service.

For the owner to claim the listing, you’ll need to go to the property page for your home, go to the “More” tab and select “Verify your ownership”. Once you make a claim on the property, you’ll be able to edit the listing, although there are some edits only I can make through the MLS.

You WILL still receive any leads or phone calls from that Zillow listing. My info will be there but you will still get all the leads. By me having control, it will stop any Realtors from calling you to try and list your property because they cannot solicit a property current listed by another Broker.

Also, Zillow is not part of the Realtor network. It is its own company and can do whatever they want with their website. If your listing on Zillow is not correct or displays something that you don’t like, let me know and I will try to correct it. If not, then I have no other control over Zillow. You can claim co-ownership and try to contact Zillow.

Will my home be listed on the Hamptons and North Fork MLS?

There is no Hamptons and North Fork MLS. There is only the on Long Island. Some Hamptons and North Fork properties are listed on REBNY which is the Manhattan property listing system. We do not list your home on REBNY.  So if a company tries to charge you more to list on the Hampton and North Fork MLS, you are being scammed.

How do you take payment?

We accept checks and credit cards. If you are doing the monthly plan, then we only accept credit cards. If you want to pay by check then you must mail it to our office. Paying by check will delay the time it takes to get your property online. The time to receive the check, deposit it and clear it can take as much as two weeks. We strongly recommend using a credit card for same day service. Our site is totally secure with a 256 bit SSL Certificate to encrypt all credit card data that passes through our site.  Look for the Green Lock in your address bar.

How do I send everything to you?

After you purchase you will be taken to a page where you will be able to download a zip file that contains all the paperwork, bonus material and instructions on how to send us your photos and completed paperwork.  Photos must be emailed to us but paperwork can be faxed or scanned and emailed.  All the instructions are in the zip file that you will download.

Can I meet with you to fill out the paperwork and pay?

Our flat fee service is designed so that you can do all the paperwork in your home by yourself. We provide you with written instructions and videos on how to fill out the paperwork and send everything to us.  If you still want to meet with our Broker to fill out the paperwork and pay, there is an additional fee for approximately two hours of his time to do so.  Please call us for more info.  Or you can purchase our All-in-One Plan that includes this as well as a sign, photos, lockbox and more.

Can I order other services at a later date?

Yes. If you did not order one of our add on services at the time you purchased your flat fee listing and would like one at a later date, then please visit out Addons Page to see the available addons for purchase.

What if I am unable to be home to show the house?

The showing will either be rescheduled or a lockbox can be use to secure a key to your home to give access to an agent to show the home when you are not there. Lockboxes are commonly used to give home access to real estate agents. We can loan you a lockbox if you do not have one.

Can I use the aid of another real estate company while using this service?

No. You will be signing a contract with us that will allow us to list your home on the MLS. You can only be listed on the MLS by one company at any given time. You must cancel with us in order to use the services of another company.

What if I accept an offer, go to contract, or sell the house?

Call us so we can change your listing status on the MLS.  We also need the contact information for the real estate agent who sold your house (if any). In order for us to close the listing out on the MLS, we need a few pieces of information about your sale that are required by the MLSLI. So please give us a call.  If not the listing will just expire.

Can I get a refund?

Month to month billing is not refundable.  To cancel, just call us and we will stop billing you and cancel your listing.

If you purchased a 3, 6 or 12 month plan, refunds are given on a case by case basis and if granted, then a refund will be prorated.  If you sold your house earlier than 3, 6 or 12 months and are trying to cancel to get a refund, then you will be denied because you used our service successfully to sell your house. You should have chosen the monthly plan.

Can I call you if I have any questions during the process?

Absolutely! But within reason. A call everyday is considered a bit excessive. But if you have a real issue, then please call us.

Don’t be discouraged if you are not getting many showings. The average length on the market is 3-5 months in many towns. The biggest factor is your price range and the condition of the house. Be sure not to over price your home and make sure you have good pictures. We can provide a CMA to help you price your home.